Really? Couldn’t put the beer down for TWO SECONDS!?!

Again with the Carrie costume, I know.  I think I went as Carrie seven years straight.  It was a wee bit ridiculous.   Anyway, up there with me are my hilarious friends Gregg and Ben.  Of course, Halloween in Hollywood was ALWAYS off the chain but as I recall this particular year was insanely fun. I remember dancing with a large group of gay men who were dressed as the “Bee Girl” from the Blind Melon video and it was EPIC.

In case you’re not old enough to remember said reference.

Ben loved Halloween and I’ll cherish every one we spent together.  Please note that when I naturally assumed he was a zombie in the above picture he corrected me and said he was a dead Tailor.  A tailor?  I didn’t get it.  He winked at me, held up the fabric measuring tape in his hand and said “Oh, honey, I’m gonna measure inseams tonight”.

Saints preserve us.

Inseams notwithstanding, we ended up drunk as lords at  Tommy Burgers, eating our weight in chili cheese fries.   Ah, good times.

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