Posting this picture is almost going to be worth the shit I’m going to get when my Mother catches wind of it. Seriously, y’all. So many questions need answers and of course I’m referring to the picture above and not Kate Hudson’s new hair-do because I’m very conflicted about how I feel about that.

This picture is awesome on so many levels. The matching sweatshirts. What the hell with the liquor being the only thing presents under the tree!?! How did my Mother afford for both of us to simultaneously have braces?!? Does anyone actually drink peppermint schnapps?!? Did they catch the person that did that to my bangs? And speaking of hair is my brother actually wearing a hair helmet?

Let’s not forget the awkward but glaringly obvious fact that if my brother and I somehow fused together you would have Tommy from the hit 1970’s show, ALICE.

Merry Christmas from 1982.

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