No one has ever accused me of having too much patience and this is an accurate reflection.    I had to update this little blog site to what I felt was a more organized, cleaner, and easier to navigate version.  Whattya think?!?  Up there to the left there is a very visible and clear COMMENT button and you’ll notice some pages have been removed and switched to categories instead. There will be some additional changes here and there as we go along in the next week or so but feel free to suggest any modifications. If you’ll notice the NEW URL address above and would like to change it from the old one, please do.  If not, the old site will redirect you.  The new official address is  There are also social icon buttons to the right of this post so feel free to share!

Also, the last header image was an image that I do not own so in the interest of copyrights and all of that business I felt it was best to go with a solid image of yours truly sleeping  passed out in the midst of a party on what may possibly be the most hideous couch in existence. I’ve seen better looking couches in alleys.  I bet if Benson and Stabler and the SVU gang put their x-ray jizz gun on that thing it would glow like a Lite-Brite.  I like that there’s a dude next to me that seems to be non-plussed by my unconsciousness as well. I’ve said it before folks, I put the ASS in class. The other fun detail here is that my make-up is still relatively pristine so that tells me that this was an impressive nose-dive and subsequent crash.  If I had to hazard a guess I’d say this looks like the aftermath of Jaegermeister.  Let’s leave my outfit out of the debate because clearly it was high fashion to wear black tights under ripped jeans in Hollywood, CA.  COME ON, IT WAS THE EIGHTIES, PEOPLE.

So, I’ve got some ideas.  Topics.  Steps and suggestions.  A monthly theme. Some swag!  I’ve recently been told that I’m full of SCHTICK and I need to start profiting as such and really, I think so too.  I mean, isn’t it time for alcoholism to start paying ME back?!?

This week I’m going to talk a little bit about surrender, honesty and powerlessness. Stay tuned, won’t you?  Just like sobriety, this is an ongoing process and I’m just glad you’re along for the ride.



  1. Jenny that picture is actually you?! What color did you die your hair? And yes, that is the couch is ugly. I friend told me once she & her boyfriend bought a couch at Good Will. The first time they sat on it, this green slimy came out of the back. Wonder if any one would buy the ugly couch from Goodwill and if they did, what would come of the back.


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