Fun Foto Friday!

Christmas 2005 – typical holiday attire

Everybody say HO! It’s officially December so I figure nothing says “traditional Christmas” more than my BFF wearing my Sheryl Crow coat while donning antlers and shades.We spent countless Christmases together and I cherish most of those memories. What memories I have, anyway. We weren’t ones to shy away from the eggnog, after all. When Ben and I were hanging out there wasn’t a competition to be the voice of reason so a lot of times we were just stray dogs barking at the fence together, as he often would say. I think of him every. single. day. Sleep in heavenly peace, my friend.


Fun Foto Friday!

Take your kids to work day – Circa 1977

Growing up my Dad worked as the Sexton of our small town’s cemetery and my little brother and I rode along many times as he performed his duties. Have you ever contemplated how they dig graves in wintry climates?  Well, wonder no more.  Coincidentally my parents also had an antique store and had bought an old hearse that my Mom drove to haul their treasures around, so in retrospect it’s amazing that I had any friends whatsoever. I’m telling you, there’s no such thing as a normal childhood.

Fun Foto Friday!

Ben and I hit up New York City for their gay pride festival some years back and needless to say the entire experience was off the chain. For four days straight we ran through the city like children on a playground. It was a magnificent trip and one of my happiest memories. Ben died in May of this year and I think about him every single day. It’s so gut wrenchingly hard. He made an appearance in one of my dreams recently and I was telling a mutual friend of ours about it.

Me:  “Yeah, it was nice. He seemed happy. He was wearing a tie-dyed shirt.”

Friend:  “Really? Well, there’s your sign. You said you were waiting for a sign from him.”

Me:  “Yeah, I know, but what do you mean? Do you think it’s a sign that he’s happy?”

Friend:  “No way. He’s clearly in hell if he’s wearing a tie-dye”.

We laughed for five minutes straight.


Fun Foto Friday!

This is my Father on Halloween when he was probably around 70 years old.  PLEASE for the love of God notice that his “costume” is nothing but a black velour bathrobe, snowmobile gloves and a plastic skull mask.  He already had two of those things in his possession.*   To my mother’s horror he proceeded to sit in a lawn chair on our front porch all slumped over until some poor unsuspecting kids came up to ring the doorbell and then he’d spring into action and leap at them, arms extended and moaning like a dying Yak, leaving the poor tots traumatized and likely with soiled underwear.

It was pure awesomeness.

*naturally, he had to borrow the gloves