Hello and welcome!  I’m Jen and that’s me up there learning to tap my first keg.  Ah, such a proud moment.  Y’all remember tapping yours, no?  NO?!?  My father artfully pumping the keg so that I can get a perfectly foamy pour…my mother looking on so approvingly…and Uncle Al….well, Uncle Al looks like this *may* not have been his first beer of the day but what a straight up 1970’s snazzy hat!

This is my blog.  Sure, it’s a bit of a booze blog but I’d like to think it encompasses more than that.  You may read about my conflict with sobriety one day, and my farting in yoga class the next.  Welcome to it.  I’m still getting the hang of all of this social media stuff so please be patient.  There’s a place to sign up for new post notifications.  There’s a Facebook page and Instagram feed so please, feel free to stalk me.  There’s even a “contact me” page that I’m pretty certain I’ll regret.

This is an evolving process.  I’d love your comments and feedback.  I’m navigating this one day at a time, just like every other damn thing in my life these days.   I hope this helps someone.  I hope this makes you laugh.  I hope on a grand scale to exorcise my own demons while doing both.

I’m glad you’re here.   I hate to drink* alone.



*green tea, for godssakes people

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