So as I tooled around this city the last few months this song kept catching me everywhere I went, and although I couldn’t quite make out all the lyrics, her delightfully lilt-y voice along with the “won’t hurt so much forever” chorus really stuck with me and at one intersection just awhile back I remember whimpering aloud, “I really, REALLY, hope you are correct” while I was drivin’ and cryin’ over my divorce. I really like the part where she acknowledges “I know you can’t let go – of anything – at the moment” because let’s be honest, every thing I’ve ever had to let go of had fucking claw marks all over it.

I hear it all the time and it’s kind of become my theme song, if you will. So the other day I’m driving home from work and it comes on again and suddenly my head exploded when I realized… “OMG You know what?! It doesn’t hurt so much. Or not quite as much – as it did, I mean. It hurts a little less than I remember it hurting previously. AM I MAKING SENSE!?

So then I got home, I thought for fuck’s sake look her up already and y’all, I did – and the lyrics are about booze and of course they are, and it is about feeling less than, and again – how did this just drop in my lap, seemingly? Well, we all know that that crazy-ass universe is behind all of this and I’m so very grateful. Thanks for the thumbs up.

This is Arlo Parks, and I love her. Turns out, the world loves her too and she just won a breakthrough artist award in London, so I expect we’ll see her around soon and I can’t wait to hear more because so far, she’s RIGHT ON, and quite a gift.

It won’t hurt so much forever.


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