Say what you will about Rivers Cuomo, you can’t not tap your toes and smile along with this song. AJR collaborated with him for this endeavor and I adore the outcome. The strings and cello are gorgeous and the song itself is effervescent. I realize they’re not using “Sober Up” in direct relation to alcohol, but it still counts in my book.  I mean, you can’t begin to argue with these lyrics:

Won’t you help me sober up
Growing up it made me numb
And I want to feel something again

That’s part and parcel of being an alcoholic. Numbing the pain. Numbing the loneliness. Number the fear and shame. Numbing anything and everything until we can’t feel a thing.  In fact, FEELINGS were the subject of a recent meeting I attended and while that category encompasses both joyful and hurtful feelings, as a sober person you get to experience BOTH and while the pain can be heartbreaking, the joy can be exquisite. The gripe is, you don’t get to pick – the human condition requires that we experience all of them. Emotions aren’t quite the same – that’s a hardwired response.  Feelings are more complicated, and that, my friends, is a post for another time.

For now though, won’t you and your inner child join me for a dance?

For maximum enjoyment, turn it up, make it widescreen, and smile.  Like it?  Tell me!  Hate it? What gets your head bopping these days?


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